History of TheFunest.com

A timeline changelog, from last reborn to present day

May 2006


Monday 15th

  • Buy domain name TheFunest.com

Tuesday 16th

  • First rays of light

June 2006


Sunday 25th

  • Changing colors from black/orange to white/blue

December 2018


Thursday 13th

  • Add bulma & fontawesome support and first 'Hello world' post

Friday 14th

  • Add MySQL support and quotes

Friday 21st

  • Add post for season change (winter)

Saturday 22nd

  • Add post for full moon

Wednesday 26th

  • Add moon infos and icon

Thursday 27th

  • Add calendes infos

Friday 28th

  • Add admin template

Monday 31st

  • Add footer, both mobile & desktop burger menu and feed styles

January 2019


Friday 4th

  • Add admin_quote with first api.php (SELECT query)

Monday 14th

  • Add relative dates in lib/FctDate.php
  • Complete admin_quote with first api.php (INSERT query)

Wednesday 16th

  • Add tf_feed table and begin feed.php,add admin_moons.php

Wednesday 23rd

  • Add feed for MOON, SEASON, NEWS

Monday 28th

  • Add feed for BDAY, fix feed for mobile view
  • Add lib/FctString.php

Tuesday 29th

  • Add candles in feed for BDAY

Sunday 20th

  • Add suffix calculation in lib/FctDate.pbp

February 2019


Monday 4th

  • Add title date conforming to DB

Tuesday 5th

  • Add feed for CLND
  • Add full site translation auto-switcher (in only 1hr)

Wednesday 6th

  • Add date toggling when clicking on feed

Thursday 7th

  • Add index embedded page system

Tuesday 12th

  • Add feed/admin/js/api.php for CINE and LIVE
  • Add feed for LIVE, feed SELECT querying all tables

Wednesday 13th

  • Add seasons in SELECT feed and crontab for BDAY

Wednesday 20th

  • Add Relative/Given date toggling in feed

Friday 22nd

  • Add Strongman (episode 1)

Monday 25th

  • Add all Strongman episodes (2 to 9)
  • Add admin css styles and lib/QuickAccess.php

Wednesday 27th

  • Prepare Like and Share button in lib/FctSocial.php

May 2019


Friday 3rd

  • Add feed for PAGES and create first page
  • Add logo switcher (ski, easter, May 4th, xmas)
  • Add calendes page with database support

Monday 6th

  • Add Cinema/Movies pages with database support and iMDB API

Tuesday 7th

  • Fix some translation left behind

June 2019


Thursday 13th

  • Add mini festival sticker on livemusic feed

Sunday 16th

  • Add iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic icons to movies list

Wednesday 19th

  • Add thermometer img in calendes with css crop

Friday 21st

  • Add flipping css images for calends
  • Complete calends-aaaa-mm.php and add calends.php

Friday 28th

  • Add feed for VID (fb only)

July 2019


Tuesday 2nd

  • Add changelog.php (this page) in timeline style

Thursday 4th

  • Add feed, admin and api.php for SOTD (Song of the Day)

Thursday 18th

  • Add icons in burger menu
  • Complete CSS in changelog

Friday 19th

  • Add full-site progress bar on header

Tuesday 23rd

  • Add DailyTakuzu game (finally !!!)

Wednesday 24th

  • Add meta tags in header

Thursday 25th

  • Add FilterSearch sticky bar (experimental)

Friday 26th

  • Add FilterSearch icons

Monday 29th

  • Add festival page

Tuesday 30th

  • End festival page (2008-2018)

August 2019


Thursday 1st

  • Add filter algorithm and behavior (php get)
  • Filter is active !!!

Friday 2nd

  • Add tf-logo-holidays for tomorrow !!

Wednesday 14th

  • Add zodiac pages

Thursday 15th

  • Add zodiac details and feed for ASTR

Tuesday 20th

  • Update bulma.css from 0.7.2 to 0.7.4
  • Add meta tags from database
  • Add sticky persistence to desktop & mobile menu

Wednesday 28th

  • Change charset to utf-8
  • Add Search button CSS
  • Make search cooperate with active filters

Thursday 29th

  • Make search work on all database tables (FULLTEXT indexing)

September 2019


Tuesday 3rd

  • Add kamasutra (ooooh)
  • Fix some utf-8 issues

Monday 9th

  • Add random in kamasutra (!!!)

Tuesday 10th

  • Start music player (JS/css)
  • Continue music player (JS/css)

Thursday 12th

  • Add bikes section

Friday 13th

  • Add "Loading more" button
  • Restrict feed to 20 entries
  • Add anchors in feed

Monday 16th

  • Improving HTML (w3c validator)

Tuesday 17th

  • Improving HTML (w3c validator)

Wednesday 18th

  • Improving rendering (image deferring)

Monday 23rd

  • Add stars for nb views in LIVE

Tuesday 24th

  • Add git repository to follow changes

Thursday 26th

  • Add Linky modules

October 2019


Tuesday 1st

  • Make Like button functional
  • Work on Share button

Wednesday 2nd

  • Add filter/search parameters to loading more
  • Design share modal windows (thanks to metatags.io)
  • Add facebook sharing (without any sdk call)

Friday 4th

  • Add image upload capacities (for admin/livemusic)

Monday 7th

  • Add PauseLOL page with modal image display

Tuesday 8th

  • Google Analytics code update
  • Fix admin issues (utf8 and refresh page)

Wednesday 9th

  • Add feed for INFG
  • Add modal image (in index.php) for infographics

Friday 11th

  • Add Dashboard
  • Footer (icons) and sitemap

Monday 14th

  • Bug fixes, security patch
  • Admin side

Tuesday 15th

  • Bug fixes

Wednesday 16th

  • Add some past movie events
  • Add bar stickers and some past livemusic events

Thursday 17th

  • Add recipes & cocktails

Friday 18th

  • Add more security patch
  • Change filter icons

Monday 28th

  • More security fixes

Tuesday 29th

  • Add old movies (2010-2016)

December 2019


Thursday 12th

  • Add 2020 full moons (and support for Blue Moon)

Thursday 19th

  • Add admin_calends (stuffy)

January 2020


Monday 20th

  • Adding birthday page (timeline-styled)
  • Expanding calends page (all years available)

February 2020


Monday 3rd

  • Adding clock/history icons to feed's date

Thursday 6th

  • Add missing 2020 calends and enhance calends page

Thursday 13th

  • Add moon details desktop page
  • Add moon details mobile page

Friday 14th

  • Add feed for POTD (Pic of the Day)
  • Add admin and api.php for POTD (Pic of the Day)

Tuesday 18th

  • Add modal image in Calends (finally)

Wednesday 19th

  • Add iMDB API call for infos when adding the movie

Monday 10th

  • Add iMDB updates for admin_cinema

Tuesday 25th

  • Add movie icons theater/couch (and associated admin)

Thursday 27th

  • Add random ads in feed (with PauseLOL)

Friday 28th

  • Add Doodle of the Day (1st is marcel pagnol)
  • Add konami code (touch-friendly !!)
  • Add prev/next buttons to calends
  • Improved ADs (dismissable and multiple)

March 2020


Friday 6th

  • Add tf-logo-ski for next week !!
  • Add views counter

Tuesday 10th

  • Add code in feed for Memories
  • #F5F5F5 background for ads

Thursday 12th

  • Add moon phase calculation in moons-details

April 2020


Thursday 16th

  • Add feed for Search Results (including PauseLOL)

Wednesday 22nd

  • Add VG Museum

Thursday 23rd

  • Add pics for VG Museum

May 2020


Monday 11th

  • Add 'Fruits & Vegs' to Seasons (best to filter)

June 2020


Thursday 11th

  • Add monero page

Monday 15th

  • Add filter to VG Museum
  • Add energy page (API thefunest_linky)

Tuesday 16th

  • Add meteo page (API meteofrance)

Wednesday 24th

  • Add EOMedkit
  • Updating bulma 0.9.0 & fontawesome 5.13.1

July 2020


Wednesday 1st

  • Add Famous Quotes (with authors)

Friday 3rd

  • Add auto geoloc in meteo

Tuesday 7th

  • Add dynamic sitemap

Friday 10th

  • Reload button in meteo

Friday 17th

  • Add PBVF with map and first village
  • Add 2o2o festivals

September 2020


Friday 4th

  • Add meme-calendar

Tuesday 8th

  • Finalizing meme-calendar

Tuesday 15th

  • Add bitcoin page

November 2020


Sunday 1st

  • Add covid19 attestation generator

Thursday 26th

  • Add PauseLOL with admin & filter
  • Bugfix on quotes (a long time ago)

January 2021


Tuesday 5th

  • Finishing meme-calendar-2020

Thursday 21st

  • Adding 2020game

Tuesday 26th

  • Adding Calends 2021

February 2021


Wednesday 3rd

  • Quotes are now searchable

March 2021


Friday 5th

  • Adding my Curriculum Vitae

Thursday 11th

  • Add ethereum page
  • Improving moon-details (super/zodiac)

Friday 12th

  • Add crypto menu

Monday 15th

  • Add calends tips
  • Add quotes tips

April 2021


Friday 16th

  • Add transit app (bus & tram times)

Friday 23rd

  • Add dogecoin page

July 2021


Monday 26th

  • Add tabz page (guitar only)

May 2021


Tuesday 4th

  • Add page le-coup-du-marshmallow

June 2021


Sunday 6th

  • Add birthday badge on feed

May 2021


Wednesday 26th

  • Add elements table

December 2021


Tuesday 21st

  • Add 2o22 stuff
  • Add Sheezam app

January 2022


Monday 3rd

  • Add 4 native american indian spirituality laws
  • Enhance recipes UI

Tuesday 4th

  • Add recipes list

Wednesday 5th

  • Add new recipe page (in angularJS)

Friday 7th

  • Add princejs game

Tuesday 11th

  • Add tridi game

Thursday 20th

  • Add 2nd player IA in tridi game

July 2022


Thursday 21st

  • Add ama_trip

February 2023


Sunday 5th

  • Adding Calends 2022

August 2023


Thursday 17th

  • Improving menu

December 2023


Sunday 31st

  • Add Year Recap

February 2024


Monday 19th

  • Add single movie detail page
  • Improve feed and bug fixes

Monday 26th

  • Add meme-calendar for 2023 and 2022 as well

Tuesday 27th

  • Some mobile tweak UI

March 2024


Monday 25th

  • Hidden stuff

Tuesday 26th

  • Adding style icons in SOTD

June 2024


Monday 10th

  • Adding SOTD embedded YT video

July 2024


Tuesday 16th

  • You are reading this !!